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How To Get Parents Involved In Your Classroom’s Spanish Curriculum

spanish curriculum lessons for preschoolAs you begin your Spanish curriculum lessons for preschool or elementary school students, it’s important to encourage learning outside of the classroom as well. While children younger than eight years old, their brains are naturally wired to acquire language skills. This happens primarily through imitation, repetition, songs, and games. But to get the most out of this critical period, your students need to be learning at home. This starts with their parents. Follow these tips for getting your students’ parents involved in their language learning as much as possible.

    • Send out a classroom newsletter. Start by letting your classroom’s parents know what their children are learning in school. List the language skills the kids are practicing and a list of vocabulary words. Consider adding some basic ways that families can practice together.


    • Provide Spanish storybook sets. Especially if your students have learned to read, send books home that they can read to their parents. This will help them practice pronunciation and fluency while sticking to their reading routines.


    • Keep a running list of cultural events. Encourage the parents to take their students to cultural events in your community. There they can learn about Hispanic cultures and maybe even practice some of their new language skills.


    • Encourage the parents to learn with their child. The best way that parents can help their children is to learn the language along with them. Consider some online resources, books, and community classes where parents can speak Spanish. Some of the families may already speak Spanish at home, so ask if they are willing to teach other families.


  • Hold family workshops. Your students are likely practicing their language skills through songs and games. By holding occasional workshops for interested families, you can teach parents the activities you are doing in the classroom. This way, they can repeat them accurately at home.

Remember that not every parent will show the same interest in helping their child learn Spanish. Fortunately, by sticking with your Spanish curriculum lessons for preschool or elementary school, you can give every child the same opportunity to acquire a second language. This will make them well-rounded citizens who are prepared to interact with a more diverse world.

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