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How To Encourage Students To Practice Spanish At Home

kids spanish curriculumWhen teaching a middle school or elementary Spanish curriculum, it is easy to worry that your students will leave their knowledge in the classroom. Second language acquisition takes constant practice, which means that your students should be practicing at home. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can spread your Spanish curriculum beyond the classroom.

  • Form A Spanish Club: An after school Spanish-language club is a great way to supplement your classroom’s curriculum. Consider how you can add a twist to your daily lessons, such as trying recipes or learning a dance. This is also a perfect environment for your students to tell you what they would like to learn, so encourage this enthusiasm.
  • Include Their Parents: Your students’ parents should know what their children are learning in the classroom. During your next parent-teacher conference day, tell the parents about your class’s Spanish lessons and provide resources for them to continue this learning at home.
  • Send Books Home: Of the potential resources that you can give to parents, Spanish storybook sets are one of the best. These books are a great supplement to a kids Spanish curriculum. If your students are able to read, they can read their parents these books, practicing pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in a comfortable environment.
  • Teach Them Songs: Songs get stuck in your head, so take advantage of this by singing in class. Your students will be sure to sing these tunes at home while they are going about their daily activities. Little do they know, they are actually sneaking in some language practice.
  • Provide A List Of Resources: Whether in a weekly newsletter or email, consider sending your students and their parents an updated list of resources. These can include online practice tools, local cultural events, and instructions for language practice games.

Making a commitment to your students’ Spanish language acquisition will provide them with a lifetime of opportunities. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries around the world. By knowing Spanish, your students will someday be able to travel and work in these countries with ease. Your effort to get the most out of your classroom’s kids Spanish curriculum will increase their ability to connect with people all over the world, making them a well-rounded global citizen.

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