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How to Choose a Spanish Curriculum

How to Choose a Spanish Curriculum

Learning Spanish can be fun and easy with the right curriculum. However, you might not know how to find the right curriculum for your student(s). This quick guide will help you understand how to choose a Spanish curriculum for young children who are ready to learn.

Match the Right Grade Level with the Right Student

It may seem obvious, but you should choose a curriculum that matches the grade level of the student or class you’re teaching. If you are teaching students in preschool, you shouldn’t be teaching them with a sixth-grade level curriculum, and vice versa. This is because each Spanish curriculum is specifically designed to engage readers of that specific age range, whether they’re in preschool, kindergarten, or middle school. The best way to teach children a new topic like a language can differ depending on their age, so be sure to get the right level for engaging your young learner.

Are You Ready to Teach a Little Culture Too?

To really engage and expand the mind of your students, consider teaching them the Spanish culture alongside the language. Pairing a normal Spanish language curriculum with a cultural curriculum can really help students discover the story behind the words they’re learning. It’s not a necessary method for teaching students a new language, but it can help enhance their ability to learn and connect with it. Whether or not you choose to dive into cultural lessons is up to you, but make sure to ask yourself the question above before committing to a curriculum.

Take Your Environment into Account

Just like matching the right grade with the right student, you should match the right curriculum with the right learning environment. If you’re homeschooling a child, you can find curriculums specifically suited to that type of environment. On the other hand, if you’re a teacher in charge of a class of students, you should consider a curriculum that specifically aims its lessons at kindergarten, middle school, or whichever grade level your students are at.

Now that you know how to choose a Spanish curriculum, you can navigate through our collection to find the right one for you. Whether you’re teaching Spanish to one student or a full class, we want to help you do it in a fun, engaging way. That way, instead of the information going in one ear and out the other, students will really understand and retain what they’re learning.

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