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How the Arts Support Language Learning

How the Arts Support Language Learning

People unfamiliar with “arts integration” may think that mixing the arts with education is just a way to make learning seem less boring to young students. While the arts do liven up curriculum, the benefit of blending it with language acquisition runs deeper than that. This guide will teach you how the arts support language learning among young students.

The concept of “arts integration” is relatively simple to understand; it involves integrating the arts into any given language learning curriculum. This can be done effectively in a few ways, some of which consist of music, pictures, or even dramatic presentations like plays or movies.

These art forms support language learning because putting vocabulary words in a new context helps young students understand and memorize words from another language in an easier way. This applies even to those students who have a tougher time learning than others. The arts don’t simply teach students the dictionary definition—they demonstrate what a word means, helping them comprehend the concepts behind the words.

For example, teaching Spanish to young students with the help of a musical tune or colorful children’s books can be easier than teaching them with worksheets and simple notecards. Using music is particularly helpful for developing students’ listening skills in tandem with vocabulary. Even seeing those vocabulary words in the context of a dramatic presentation helps students grasp these concepts.

No matter what art form you choose to use in your curriculum, you need to make sure it works for your students. What works in one class might not work in another, so be sure to consider your students’ strengths when crafting your lesson plans.

Now that you see how the arts support language learning in the classroom, you can integrate them effectively into an elementary Spanish curriculum. Even if you’re a parent trying to learn the ropes of homeschooling, taking advantage of the arts throughout your curriculum makes the whole process easier for both you and your child.

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