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How Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum Makes Learning Fun

How Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum Makes Learning Fun

Learning a language is a valuable skill that provides countless benefits throughout life. But teaching a child a new language can be challenging, partly due to children’s short attention span and tendency toward instant gratification. If learning isn’t exciting, they may quickly lose interest in doing it! Fortunately, Sonrisas’ Spanish curriculum is here to make learning fun, so kids can learn a lifelong skill while having a blast. Here’s how our K-8 Spanish curriculum makes learning an engaging experience.

A Structured Schedule

While occasional spontaneity can be fun, most kids need a structured schedule. They like to know what’s coming so they can prepare for it. For this reason, every lesson in our curriculum has the same structure.

But how does a structured schedule make learning exciting for your child? Structure makes children feel secure and confident; when they feel secure and confident, they can relax and take risks more easily. They can let loose and play, learn, and experiment stress-free.

A Variety of Interesting Activities

Our curriculum includes various learning activities, including circle time, story time, and art time. For one, this mixture reduces unnecessary repetition. Even adults can testify that doing the same activity over and over can make them tired and uninterested. It’s the same for kids. By changing activities frequently, kids’ minds will stay active.

It also helps kids see language as a multidimensional concept rather than a flat one. Language isn’t words and grammar. Our curriculum allows kids to explore other parts of language, like its meaning, culture, art, and history.

Blends Multiple Intelligences

Some kids are better at learning audibly or by listening to an instructor or music. Others learn better visually or by art, videos, and other visuals. There are several different areas of intelligence that kids can excel in as well! Sonrisas’ Spanish curriculum uses various teaching tools so kids can learn quickly and easily, no matter their learning preference! And by targeting several intelligences at once, our curriculum fully engages your child’s brain, so they never grow bored.

Choose Your Own Pace

Another way Sonrisas’ Spanish curriculum makes learning fun is by being flexible with pacing. Not every child learns at the same pace. If you make a child learn too quickly, they can get overwhelmed, but if you teach them too slowly, they can get bored. The flexibility of our curriculum allows every child to learn at a pace that’s accessible and interesting to them.

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