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Holiday Activities To Supplement Classroom Language Learning

spanish curriculum for kidsThe holidays are an exciting time in elementary and preschool classrooms. This time of year is full of cultural learning and activities, making it a perfect supplement to your Spanish curriculum for kids. By incorporating some of these ideas into your classroom language learning, you can make the upcoming holiday season as fun and productive as possible.

Holiday Songs
While your students likely know some popular holiday songs in English, this is a perfect opportunity to teach them songs in Spanish! Incorporate movements to get your students up and out of their seats. They may even want to share these tunes with their families at home.

Plays And Acting
This may be better suited for elementary-age children. Have your students turn a holiday story into a play, incorporating Spanish vocabulary words. Your students will be thrilled to show off their creation to their classmates.

Spanish Story Books
Spanish story book sets are excellent learning tools. Find a set of holiday stories to share with your class. Encourage a discussion about the story and any new vocabulary that they may have learned. The story you choose may even set a theme for the rest of your activities.

Cultural Days
Spanish is the official language of 21 countries around the world, all with their own unique holiday traditions. Learn about the food, decorations, and customs involved in different countries. Then host a cultural day in the classroom. You might even assign each student a different country and encourage them to give a short presentation about its culture.

Guest Speakers
What better way to learn about a cultural holiday practice than to invite a guest to your classroom. Whether this person is a friend, coworker, or community member, they can teach your students about the holiday traditions of their culture. They can also help your students improve their language and vocabulary skills.

By taking advantage of the holidays in your classroom, you can find endless opportunities to supplement your Spanish curriculum for kids. This method can improve elementary Spanish learning learning and help your students understand the different Spanish-speaking cultures around the world. Your students will leave these lessons with a greater appreciation for world celebrations.

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