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Greeting and Roll Call—An Effective Transition

The Sonrisas Spanish lessons are designed to create an immersion environment in which students have lots of opportunity for meaningful communication in Spanish. For some students, the transition from speaking English all day to a Spanish immersion environment can be challenging. The simple routine of doing a greeting and taking roll at the beginning of each class can provide an effective transition from students’ English speaking day to their Spanish immersion time.

Greetings can be done in a number of ways. If you have the space and time, you can line students up and greet each one individually as you shake his or her hand or give a high five or a hug. You can do a whole group greeting in which you have students answer your greeting in unison as they are in a circle or seated at their desks. You can also change greetings from time to time so that students learn different types of greetings. Taking roll can be as simple as asking students, ¿Dónde estás? and having them respond by pointing to themselves, raising their hand, or responding with aquí, estoy aquí, or presente.

Along with providing an effective transition for your elementary or preschool Spanish class. Greeting and roll call also give students very simple Spanish skills that make them feel successful at speaking Spanish right away. Daily repetition of greetings and roll call also helps students develop a solid foundation with simple words and phrases which they can use to expand their comprehension and speaking skills. Watch the video below to see greeting and roll call in action in a second grade class using the Sonrisas Level II curriculum.

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