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Fun Father’s Day Spanish Activities for Elementary Kids

Fun Father’s Day Spanish Activities for Elementary Kids

Father’s Day is a very important holiday, at least according to dads worldwide! As we’ve mentioned many times on this blog, combining language education with real-world events is an easy way to better reinforce Spanish concepts and vocabulary for young children.

That’s why “día del padre” is the perfect holiday to get some Spanish reps in and help students expand their abilities. Here are some fun Father’s Day Spanish activities for elementary kids that you can practice at home or in the classroom.

“Mi Padre” Bio Exercise

Chances are you’ve had your children/students write personal bios about themselves that incorporate simple Spanish vocab and phrases. This activity typically involves drawing a picture of oneself and adding in personality traits, like favorite colors, TV shows, animals, and more.

For Father’s Day, consider doing the same activity but focus on the student’s paternal guardians. This exercise will be exciting for children, meaning you can covertly teach more Spanish concepts in a fun manner.

Father’s Day Cards

Along with the “mi padre” biography exercise, encourage your children/students to write a thoughtful Father’s Day card to their parents. Give them clear guidelines for the subject matter and vocab expectations. For instance, have children write their favorite activity to do with their dads, what they love about them, and why they’re so important in their lives.

They can even draw a picture to accompany their writing. Make the requirements simple but clear so that students can effectively write their thoughts without too much of a challenge.

Árbol de Familia

“Árbol de Familia” means family tree, and creating a Spanish-themed family tree is a great activity for any classroom. If you haven’t done this project yet, use Father’s Day as a way to make it interactive and fun. Have your students collect family history from their dads—this information should include their parents/grandparents and minor details about each family member (age, height, etc.).

In class, have your students create a visually colorful family tree that includes their research, ensuring they use as much Spanish vocab as possible. This is the perfect homemade gift for Father’s Day, so students will definitely be excited to create a tree!

Consider these fun Father’s Day Spanish activities for elementary kids to better educate them on key language concepts and vocabulary. At Sonrisas, we have additional resources that you can use to better boost your child’s/student’s performance in class, such as our middle school Spanish curriculum. And to all the dads out there, Feliz Día del Padre!

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