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Foreign Language Learning App Finds Spanish Third Most Popular Choice in the World

spanish curriculumThere are virtually an infinite number of reasons for someone to want to learn a foreign language. Anything from upcoming travel plans to general enjoyment and everything in between. Learning a new language is one of the most fulfilling and potentially beneficial things you can do for your personal, intellectual, and professional development. In fact, children who learn a second language can typically learn a third even easier and on average, bilingual employees earn about 20% more than their monolingual counterparts.

At Sonrisas, we specialize in Spanish curriculum for kids and younger children. This is the time when it’s easiest and most effective to learn. Some people suggest you start children at the age of five on a preschool Spanish curriculum, but at least before the age of 10 is ideal.

However, as experts in the foreign language learning business, we love to hear about people of all ages learning new languages and the subsequent cultures behind them. That’s why when the foreign language app for mobile phones and devices called Duolingo came out, we were cautiously optimistic. Learning a new language as an older or young adult can be extremely difficult, but it seems that this mobile app, which lends itself to the Millennial generation, has become popular and successful at helping people do just that.

According to a piece from Quartz based on numbers provided by Duolingo, Spanish curriculum’s are still one of the most popular options for new learners everywhere. The company analyzed some of their data and found that of the 120 million users they currently boast, Spanish was the third most popular option behind only English and French. Among users only in the United States, Spanish was the number one choice.

This indicates that not only is learning Spanish a valuable commodity on a global scale, it’s crucial for U.S. residents. This only begs the question, why wait until your child gets older and past the time frame when it is much easier for them to learn a new language? Invest in a homeschool Spanish curriculum today and get your child started off early. If this data is any indication, they’re going to wind up trying to learn it on their own at some point down the line anyway.

Make it easier and more enjoyable for them in the long run by investing in a Spanish curriculum from Sonrisas today.

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