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First Day of Spanish Class Lesson Plan Ideas

The first day of Spanish class is a blend of excitement and nervousness. To help you navigate this important day, here are some tried-and-true ideas from experienced teachers.

Essential Elements of First-Day Elementary Spanish Lessons

  • Learning names (me llamo, ¿Cómo te llamas?)
  • Meet the teacher (slideshow or presentation)
  • Setting up norms and procedures
  • Community building
  • Below are some favorite ideas tailored to different levels.

Overview of First Day of Spanish Class

  • First Day of Preschool Spanish Class
  • First Day of Elementary Spanish Class
  • First Day of Spanish Junior High
  • First Day of Upper Spanish Levels

Tip: While introducing a syllabus and establishing norms is crucial, avoid dedicating an entire class to it on the first day. Spread this information throughout the first week to prevent overwhelming your students.

For more resources on classroom management, procedures, units, and syllabi, check out my comprehensive post on back-to-school tips for Spanish classes.

First Day of Preschool Spanish Class Ideas

Spanish Activity Highlights

  • Name Game Gold: A detailed lesson plan for practicing names and learning “se llama,” ideal for K-3rd grade.
  • ¡Ya sabes español!: A mini-lesson from Mundo de Pepita to show students Spanish words they already know.
  • My First Day Back to School: An outline from Fun for Spanish Teachers, including introducing yourself, learning names, and setting up expectations with an exit ticket.
  • Meet The Spanish Teacher: An adorable template from Carolina, with a free version you can edit.

First Day of Spanish 1 Lesson Ideas

  • Meet the Students at the Door: The first-day routine includes students sharing their interests. His procedures are clearly explained.
  • Card Talk Immersion: Speak Spanish from Day 1 with a Card Talk activity. Students draw two things they like and one they don’t on their name tags.
  • Meet the Teacher Editable PPT: A customizable template from Creative Language Class.
  • Kahoot Quiz: Señora Chase uses Kahoot to quiz students on ¿Conoces a la maestra?

Additional Resources

Upper-Level Spanish Lesson Ideas

Final Thoughts: Strive for a calm evening prior to the first day, preparing and grounding yourself rather than staying up late into the night.

Enjoy your first day and the start of a new adventure in teaching Spanish!

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