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Finding Quality Spanish Storybooks—Let Us Do the Work for You

Authentic, quality Spanish literature is one of the most important components of any Spanish class. We have written frequently in this blog about the benefits of reading in the foreign language classroom. A difficulty that exists for many teachers is finding quality Spanish storybooks. It is not enough just to have books in Spanish. They must be effective teaching tools—effective at engaging students with the content of the lessons. Many teachers not only have trouble finding the right sources for effective books, but they also have trouble finding the time to do all the searching. That’s where the Sonrisas Bookstore comes in—we’ve done the work for you. We have been selecting books throughout our sixteen years of teaching Spanish, and you can be assured that if it is in our bookstore, it is a quality Spanish storybook.

Sonrisas Spanish School creates, publishes, and sells preschool and elementary Spanish curriculum and Spanish music for children. The Sonrisas Spanish School Curriculum can be used to teach Spanish to children at the preschool and elementary level, as well as home school Spanish. The Sonrisas Curriculum consists of fun, effective, standards-based lessons for the most effective language-learning experience for kids—one based on human-to-human interaction. Sonrisas is a proud member of both Nnell and ACTFL.

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