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Expand Your Child’s Mind With A Second Language: Why Spanish?

preschool spanish lessonsYou want your child to grow up to be happy, healthy and successful. You also want to be able to give them the resources, protection, and love that they need to be able to take advantage of every opportunity that may come their way. That’s why you have diligently researched the right preschool, play group, and educational materials needed to get them on the right path.

So, what’s next? Experts agree that foreign-language learning can give kids a huge advantage in many areas of their lives, both now and in the future, with benefits ranging from academic achievement and career success to better interpersonal relationships. Not only that, but bilingual children have been found to have improved educational skills all across the board: reading, writing, music, and math. It also provides them with more job and school opportunities later in life.

But what language should they learn and why?

The Benefits of Kids Learning Spanish

  • It is a Language that is Spoken By Many
    According to the latest census data, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. With 387 million native speakers, more people on earth speak Spanish than English. The opportunities for Spanish speakers across the globe are endless! Spanish for preschoolers is the perfect age to get started so that their lessons can be incorporated into play time or their downtime. There are language programs that offer Spanish story book sets, CDs, art activities, games, and more.
  • Academic and Career Advantages
    Spanish is the most commonly taught second language in public and private schools, according to the website About World Languages. Your child will enter his or her high school Spanish class with confidence, and may even be able to help tutor his or her peers. Seeing that Spanish is so widely spoken, this will also put your child ahead of the rest when it comes to applying for jobs and colleges. Plus, it will open the doors to many travel opportunities. To learn a second language effectively, Preschool Spanish lessons are key because it is easier for people to learn a new language at a young age than it is later on in life. In fact, it will even make it easier for them to learn multiple languages!
  • Enrich their Lives with a New Culture
    Give your child the gift of developing a broader perspective of the world with this newfound language. Preschool Spanish lessons will help your child understand and appreciate Hispanic culture as well as other cultures, beliefs, and geography. Give your child access to Spanish films, music, and literature. Look for a Spanish lesson plan that not only teaches the language, but also explores the beautiful and colorful Spanish culture.

Preschool Spanish lessons may seem like a challenge at first, but knowing the long term benefits should give you the push needed to look for a Spanish curriculum that both you and your child can enjoy. Who knows? You might learn another language in the process too!

Whether you want to provide your child with future academic and career opportunities, improve their language skills early on, or teach them a language that they will be able to put into practice regularly as they get older, Spanish is the best language for young kids to learn today.

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