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Everyday geography

In addition to the imaginary journeys my students take to Spanish speaking countries (see Sonrisas Spanish School: An Elementary Spanish Cultural Curriculum), we also do a short geography activity each day. I have el país del día written on my board, and a world map posted next to it. Each day I write the name of one Spanish speaking country on the board. (I’ll use Nicaragua as an example.) Then I choose students to answer about three geographical questions:

¿ Dónde está Nicaragua?

¿Está al norte o al sur de Los Estados Unidos?

¿Nicaragua es más grande o más chiquito que México?

¿Nicaragua es una isla?

I choose questions based on what they know and their ages. With my 7 and 8 year old students I keep it simple. With my 11 and 12 year olds I ask questions about the continents, if the country has a peninsula, if it’s north or south of the equator, if it’s close or far away from the poles and or the equator, etc…

This activity only takes a few minutes, but with consistency they quickly learn the location of the Spanish Speaking countries in the world while they hone their geographical skills.

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