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Engaging the Imagination Through the Senses in Your Preschool and Elementary Spanish Class – Part 3

We continue with our series on engaging the imagination through the senses. In this post: HEAR

There are many opportunities for you to activate strong audio-sensory experiences in your preschool and elementary Spanish lessons. When teaching the lesson Yo veo in Sonrisas Level I, for example, you can say to your students, “¡Escuchen!” When everyone’s quiet, you can make your best monkey sound and exclaim, “¡El mono! Vamos a encontrar el mono!” Throughout the classroom, you can tape pictures of plants and animals that live in a Costa Rican rainforest. You can then ask,”¿Dónde está el mono?,” and then hand each student a cardboard toilet paper tube telescope to help find the monkey. When a student finds the monkey’s picture on the wall, you can then say,“Juan ve el mono y yo veo el mono también.” You can then say, “¡Escuchen!” again, followed by your best parrot squawk, and exclaim, “¡El loro! Vamos a encontrar el loro.” The class then goes through the same routine with a jaguar and a frog, and finally, rain.

This is just an example of experiences you can create in your classroom to engage multiple senses, including hearing. Musical instruments, rain sticks, and animal sounds can all be added to lessons to engage students’ imaginations. Having students close their eyes, listen, and share what they hear can be effective and fun. You can ask yourself, “How can my students use their sense of hearing in this language lesson to make it more imaginative?”

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