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Empower Communication with Sonrisas Spanish: An Innovative Elementary Spanish Curriculum

As we face an increasingly globalized world, equipping students with language skills is paramount. Given this context, a well-designed elementary Spanish curriculum serves as a cornerstone for a student’s future successes. At Sonrisas Spanish we created a comprehensive elementary Spanish curriculum that fosters the ability to communicate effectively. In fact, our lessons are crafted to encourage age-appropriate, interpersonal communication in each segment: Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time. Our approach focuses on the principle of comprehensible input, using various modalities to engage and excite learners.

Building Communication Skills Through Circle Time

The Circle Time segment of our Spanish curriculum offers a fantastic avenue for elementary Spanish students to build their communication skills. Here, students engage in meaningful conversation, songs, games, and role-play—all in Spanish. This interactive environment encourages the use of the target language, allowing students to develop their vocabulary and pronunciation. Students practice their Spanish in a relaxed, communal setting, promoting comfort and ease of learning.

Enhancing Language Understanding and Cultural Awareness in Story Time

Next, we delve into Story Time. An integral part of each Sonrisas lesson, Story Time promotes comprehension and exposes learners to a variety of voices and styles of Spanish. Students listen, interpret, and respond to Spanish language stories. Many of the stories have a cultural focus which gives students valuable insights into Hispanic culture. Each story is chosen based on its effectiveness for utilizing comprehensible input. This means that the stories contain elements such as vivid illustrations, repetitive text, verse, and familiar themes. This guarantees that the content is both accessible and engaging. This combination of comprehensible input and cultural immersion aids in deeper language understanding, empowering learners to communicate more effectively.

Nurturing Creativity and Reinforcing Performance Targets in Art Time

Finally, Art Time offers a creative outlet for students to express themselves. Art is a universal language, and when paired with our Spanish curriculum, it becomes a powerful tool to reinforce language learning. In this segment, students complete art projects which relate to the theme of the lesson, stimulating their creativity while providing a tangible connection to the performance targets for each lesson. Art Time allows students to practice and solidify their new Spanish vocabulary and phrases in a fun, engaging, and pressure-free environment.

Emphasis on Interpersonal Communication

At Sonrisas Spanish, our curriculum’s uniqueness lies in its emphasis on interpersonal communication. We integrate comprehensible input into every segment – Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time. This ensures that students do not merely learn about the Spanish language, but they also learn how to communicate effectively using the language. We believe that language learning is not an isolated skill but is interconnected with various aspects of learning, such as social interaction, cultural understanding, and creativity. Our curriculum reflects this perspective and promotes a holistic approach to language learning.

Adopting the Sonrisas Spanish curriculum in your school promises a comprehensive, age-appropriate, and communication-centered approach to Spanish language learning. It not only teaches Spanish to your students but also prepares them for a globalized world by fostering essential communication skills. Empower your students with the ability to communicate in Spanish, appreciate diverse cultures, and express themselves creatively.

Choose Sonrisas Spanish—a curriculum designed with the future in mind. Sonrisas Spanish nurtures confident Spanish speakers ready to explore a world full of opportunities. The journey to effective communication begins here.

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