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kids Spanish curriculum

Early Second Language Skills, Lifelong Results

We all want our kids to succeed. As parents and teachers, it is our job to help them develop as many skills as possible for their future. Teaching kids a second language is a natural process in their education, if you start it early enough.

Since the first eight years of a child’s life is spent acquiring language skills naturally through imitation, repetition, songs, and games, it makes sense to teach a second language during this critical time. Furthermore, a child’s capacity to pronounce unfamiliar, foreign sounds and to absorb new grammar rules are at their peak before the age of six.

It is not a matter of if you should be teaching your preschool or elementary school age child a second language; rather it’s which language should they be taught. Well, why not teach them one they will use the most in today’s world? Spanish!

Top 3 Reasons to Introduce a Kids Spanish Curriculum into Your Children’s Education Plan

  1. TravelSpanish is the official language of 21 countries. These are also the countries where many beautiful and fun travel destinations await. Your child might even be able to visit Spain, Puerto Rico, or Mexico without the help of a dictionary! Choosing a kids Spanish curriculum exposes your children to a language they will use to connect with others across the globe.
  2. CareerIntroducing a kid’s Spanish curriculum to your children’s education will not only help them connect with people worldwide but it will also help any future career they achieve. Bilingual employees earn, on average, 20% more per hour than monolingual employees. With 387 million native Spanish speakers, the opportunities for your children are nearly endless. A Spanish language immersion program sets up your kids for success.
  3. Third LanguageIf you teach a focused and effective kids Spanish curriculum, they are more likely to earn a third language faster and easier. If the opportunities for career and personal life are abundant through a dual language immersion program, think of the doors that will be opened by learning a third language!

Through targeted and effective techniques, teaching a second language does not have to be a daunting task. We have Spanish storybook sets that integrate seamlessly into a preschool Spanish curriculum. Books are an easy way for preschool and elementary age children to learn their first language — it only makes sense they would be used to help them learn a second.

What is key to a successful kids Spanish curriculum, however, is how much a child is exposed to the language in their daily life. Spanish language immersion programs focus on bringing the language into a child’s world naturally. By speaking and reading and learning the rules of the language, your children are given the best chance to succeed in our Spanish curriculum.

Introducing another language into your children’s education through a kids Spanish curriculum not only rounds them out professionally and personally, but it sets them apart from most of the other children in America. According to the Summer Institute of Linguistics, over two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual. However, in America, only 17% speak a second language in addition to English.

Teaching your child a second language sets them up for success and helps them enter the world ready and informed. Rely on Sonrisas Spanish School for more information today!

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