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Disguising Language Practice As Play For Preschool Students

spanish for preschoolImplementing a preschool Spanish curriculum presents a unique opportunity. Prior to age six, a child’s ability to pronounce unfamiliar sounds and learn new grammar rules is greatly enhanced. This is why taking advantage of this critical period is important. By teaching Spanish for preschool through a curriculum, and practicing the skills throughout the day as well, your students will retain the language with ease. Consider these methods for sneaking language practice into your school day routine.

  • Games: There are endless games to practice a second language.
    For preschoolers, games like charades, memory, and “I Spy” can be particularly engaging. See how you can adapt any of your daily games to include Spanish rather than English words or numbers.
  • Songs: You likely already use songs to teach your preschoolers about numbers, letters, and other subjects. They can also be an extremely useful tool in your classroom Spanish practice. Consider purchasing a CD that your students can sing along to, and be sure to make up dances to go along.
  • Crafts: Using crafts to learn Spanish vocabulary is a fun way to enforce new words. For example, assign each student a different animal and have them create that image on construction paper. Ask them the Spanish word for the animal before writing it on the paper for them to take home.
  • Reading: Story time is a classroom staple, so be sure to take advantage of your Spanish storybook set. As your preschool students listen to what you read, they are unknowingly absorbing every word. Pause every page or so to have them repeat a word back to you.
  • Movies: Similar to listening to storybooks, watching movies is a great resource for auditory learning. Consider putting on a Spanish-language version of a movie they have seen in class before. Since they are already familiar with the plot and characters, they will be able to absorb the words more readily.

Above all, be sure to follow the instructions in your preschool Spanish curriculum. By sticking to this Spanish for preschool program and encouraging outside practice, your students will finish their lessons out strong. Also remember to inform parents of your classroom’s curriculum, so they can consider practicing with their children at home.

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