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Back In The Swing: Back To School Prep, End Of Summer Wakeup

elementary spanishResearch defends that children who speak a second language can learn a third language faster. Research also knows that children definitely get out of the school year routine during the summer. Repetition is key to learning in all academic areas and students, in their formative years, need consistent routines to support their progress.

Getting your child back into learning mode as summer comes to a close is no small feat. Most of it doesn’t have much to do with planners and study, but more a cognitive shift. We know a few easy tricks that’ll begin to tilt their minds toward school as the time gets closer.

Know nothing

Hopping back into autumn and beginning Spanish curriculum for children may not be the most exciting thing on your child’s mind, but kicking the brain back into gear doesn’t have to be drab. Kids love when they know something you don’t know. This applies to elementary Spanish curriculum and any other subject you choose. Take a moment to think of some subjects you’re “clueless about,” guide questions toward your child teaching you the answers, and keep asking them at random.

Talk a good game

The game is afoot. Relearning learning and getting back into academic habits is weird. It’s less weird if it’s fun, so make it a game. Whether it’s incentivizing trivia with frozen yogurt or having a cerebral game night, you’re exercising mental muscles that haven’t been stretched as much throughout the summer. Merely making games of practices like critical thinking and analysis, even when applied to non-academic processes, brings those functions back up to speed. So, go play Clue and eat ice cream!

Don’t stress

Children read, absorb, and live their environments. The end of summer often brings a shade of sadness to kids and a bunch of stress to parents. That’s completely natural and will remain a fact on the calendar year over year. What you and your children have to do together is minimize that feeling. Your stress translates into their classrooms and studies. Sit with them and ease into the changing seasons and be that supportive foundation that says “Sure, learning is tough and summer is ending, but we’re in this together”.

Math, science, elementary Spanish, all of it, school after summer can be a lot to regain steam on. Summer’s end doesn’t have to be a drag. Remember those things, add some personal twists, and the transitional term will barely be a blip.

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