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April Is a Great Time to Start Reviewing

One of the things that we talk about a lot here at Sonrisas Spanish is how learning a second language is a long-term endeavor. Many parents and administrators have the expectation of seeing results right away simply by putting their child in a Spanish class or making an elementary Spanish curriculum available. Teachers know the truth—that learning a second language takes time, consistent effort, and lots of repetition. The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum provides an effective program in which preschool and elementary students acquire Spanish naturally with consistent instruction, age-appropriate activities, and lots of repetition. As you have been teaching this year, you have probably been moving forward through your lesson plans, adding new activities during Circle Time and dropping others that you did closer to the beginning of the school year. April is great time to start reviewing.

Look back on your lessons from earlier in the year to see if there are activities that you can begin to integrate back into Circle Time for review. Your students will welcome these activities as they are familiar, and they offer students the opportunity to use their prior knowledge. Don’t be hesitant to lengthen the duration of Circle Time in order to incorporate this review. A common practice for us in our own classes is to periodically take a day and do only Circle Time for an entire class—an entire class of singing, conversation, games, and activities—all in Spanish. In doing this, we are able to see the results of our long-term effort and realize that our students know a lot of Spanish. This is best practice—it gives you perspective and helps you to remember the big picture. Happy teaching!

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