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A Shot List of Great Spanish Storybooks to Read With Your Children

spanish storybookIf you’re looking for a great preschool Spanish curriculum for your child, there’s no better place to start than in your very own home. Spanish storybooks are a great place to begin. And the earlier, the better! Your child’s ability to pronounce unfamiliar sounds is much more enhanced before the age of six.

Not sure where to look for the perfect Spanish story book sets? Here’s a short list of great Spanish storybooks for you to read with your child.

La Cenicienta

Written by Chilean poet and Noble Prize winner Gabriela Mistral, this story recounts the fantastic tale of Cinderella, in Spanish of course! The book uses meter and rhyme to tell the story, which may make it easier for your child to comprehend at a young age.


Frida Kahlo is one of the most iconic Hispanic women in history for both her artistic and personal accomplishments. This beautifully illustrated book by Jonah Winter gives you and your child a glimpse into the colorful and surreal artistic life of a Latina legend.

Juegos Tradicionales

Juegos Tradicionales was written by Maria Angelica Ovalle and illustrates 34 of the most popular games played by children in Latin America. Not only is this a great way to start teaching Spanish in the home, it’s an excellent way to help your child get a look at a completely new culture and even learn a few games that you can play together.

ABeCedario de Plantas

If you and your child are interested in learning about nature, then this is the book for you. Not only does author Yanitzia Canetti cover a wide variety of flora in this book, but there’s even a glossary in the back to help you learn as you go. In addition, the book is filled with beautiful visuals to further aid the learning and reading process.

Learning a new language can be tough, but if you start at home and with simple things like Spanish story book sets, you and your child should be well on the way to making easy learning of Spanish.

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