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A Preschool Spanish Curriculum: Four Benefits

Educators have long known of the value of bilingual classroom instruction. This is particularly true in the case of preschool children, whose brains are in the early developmental stage. Preschool is a critical time, especially for learning languages and acquiring language skills. Before the age of six, children are able to absorb new grammar rules and are capable of producing new sounds, as well. Here are four benefits to bilingual education, including a preschool Spanish curriculum, among others.

1. Facilitates Learning a Second Language 

A curriculum for children, such as a preschool Spanish curriculum, is a provides a wonderful advantage for students. Having instruction in more than one language at the preschool level makes it much easier for them to learn a second language. Even something as simple and as enjoyable as a Spanish story book can start the preschool level students on their way to a lifetime of bilingualism, or even multilingualism. 

2. Facilitates Brain Development 

A preschool Spanish curriculum, or a curriculum in any language other than the maternal tongue, is an enormous benefit for students. It tones up brain development in children, increasing memory function and also trains the brain to work on more than one level at a time, also known as multitasking. Multitasking is a key skill for children to develop, since it will help lead to success further on down the line. 

3. Facilitates Cultural Awareness 

Dual language immersion programs provide fabulous, even invaluable cultural benefits for students. A preschool Spanish curriculum, for instance, will include not only elementary Spanish, but information on history, geography, and customs relative to Spanish culture.

4. Facilitates Collaboration 

Spanish curriculum lessons for preschoolers will provide ample opportunity for interaction among students. A preschool Spanish curriculum includes verbal skills, and since all children learn at different rates, it provides the opportunity for the development of empathy and self-awareness in the children. Another interesting advantage is the early exposure to diversity. A Spanish language immersion program, or any language immersion program, for that matter, broadens the child’s perspective. It lets children understand that diversity is a reality and not just an abstract concept. 

So many wonderful, constructive elements result from a preschool Spanish curriculum, or from any foreign language curriculum for children. Since preschool is the age that is such a critical stage in the development of a child’s brain and in their language ability, a language immersion curriculum is a wonderful opportunity to open their minds and expose them to the many, varied ways of communicating in the world.

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