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5 Ways To Incorporate Geography in a World Language Class

5 Ways To Incorporate Geography in a World Language Class

A kid’s brain constantly develops until they reach their teenage years. Understanding how to take advantage of this could greatly benefit a preschool and middle school curriculum, especially when teaching a second language.

Learning a language involves different categories, techniques, and information; having the right approach will speed up the process and deliver better results. You can use different techniques to incorporate geography in a world language class and keep the kids engaged and happy to learn.

Teach Different Seasons and World Parallels

Teaching kids about specific subjects must be engaging, fun, and colorful, and one subject to teach is the seasons. Maps are essential as a visual aid, especially when teaching them about countries that have opposite seasons than the US during the same time of the year. Learning about the different world parallels and dividing the world into different groups will make it easier for kids to learn location and country names.

Learn With Music

Using external objects that stimulate the senses is best for achieving results and obtaining a bigger engagement. Kids connect with feelings and emotions quickly, making it easier to teach and have better results. Nothing builds an emotional connection like music. Luckily, Spanish-speaking countries have different styles of music and genres; teaching geography will be easier when kids can relate a song or sounds to a specific country.

Use Visual Aids

A great visual aid is a colorful map to help kids learn the specific location of different countries. However, there are other visual aids that kids can use to relate an item to a country. Using coins and money from various countries might be challenging, but it will have a stronger effect. A Spanish curriculum for middle school must include different visual aids to create practical knowledge.

Make a Scratch Map

A fun activity with kids is creating a scratch map where you can write the English name over the map and then scratch it to reveal the name in Spanish. You can achieve this with a large map, write the name of each country, and then use glue glitter to cover it. Using a black sharpie to write over glitter is effective, and then you can use a coin to scratch it off.

Learn Interesting Facts

Countries worldwide have unique practices and cultural activities that differ greatly from one another. Learning interesting facts from games, history, garments, and traditions effectively incorporates geography in a world language class. Understanding and learning about remarkable and positive differences between countries will help students develop a relationship with them.

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