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5 Valuable Benefits Of Enrolling Children In Dual Language Immersion Programs

The standard American education involves English, math, science, and the arts. While these subjects are undoubtedly important, this list is missing another key player: foreign language.

Although many other countries around the world require the introduction of foreign language in schools by age eight, students in the U.S. usually start a foreign language curriculum in junior or senior high school. This gives American students about five years of study rather than 10 or 12 years when the curriculum is introduced earlier. Let’s take a look at why early dual language immersion programs (DLI) are so essential for your child’s overarching education.

  1. Higher proficiency in a second language: Traditional foreign language instruction consists of teaching students the language in one class. DLI programs use the native language and the foreign language intermittently throughout the day, giving students a great proficiency in the second language.
  2. Greater cognitive flexibility: Students in Spanish language immersion programs will not only learn Spanish but they typically also demonstrate increased attention and memory. They also exhibit superior problem-solving skills and even an enhanced understanding of their first language.
  3. Improved performance on standardized tests: Statistics have shown that students in DLI programs perform as well as or better than English-only students on standardized tests in English. This applies to students who have a range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and different cognitive and linguistic abilities.
  4. Greater appreciation of other cultures: Learning another language and using it every day tends to give students a more positive attitude towards other cultures. Students have a greater understanding of cultures outside of their own and appreciate their differences.
  5. Increased skills for the job market: In the long-term, students in dual language immersion programs are often better-prepared for modern job markets. Many employers are now looking for skilled workers who can speak at least one other language proficiently.

If you’ve been looking for the right Spanish curriculum for kids to jumpstart your child’s foreign language education, look no further. Contact Sonrisas Spanish today to learn more about how your child could thrive in dual language immersion programs.

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