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5 Holiday-Themed Activities for Spanish Class

5 Holiday-Themed Activities for Spanish Class

The holiday season is the perfect time to get creative and develop fun group activities and challenges to make a class more enjoyable. The world is full of different traditions, some of which you can use with your little students to work on knowledge and learn fun facts.

These five holiday-themed activities for Spanish class will guide you through different options that let you take advantage of the time effectively. Kids will learn more when they have fun and develop a unique connection with different activities.

Compare Traditions

Spanish-speaking countries have multiple different traditions around the holidays that make them unique. You can take time during the class, with the help of a world map, to point out the countries that speak Spanish with red and the US with green (holiday colors) and talk about the different traditions like Three Kings’ Day and leaving a shoe under the holiday tree.

Decorate a Tree

When teaching information about Spanish-speaking countries, like flora and fauna, traditional dances and music, or locations worldwide, you can tell your students to draw their favorite thing. They can use these drawings to decorate a holiday tree, which is always “Arbol de Navidad” in Spanish-speaking countries. Decorating the tree with ornaments and lights is something kids will enjoy because of the color and shine.

Write a Letter in Spanish

Most kids know what they want from Santa, and giving them the challenge to write it all in Spanish will excite them. Using the elementary Spanish materials in your classroom, you can make it a fun activity for the whole day where kids can express their feelings and what gifts they’d like.

Sing Holiday Songs

Singing is a great way to develop good pronunciation and lets kids learn lyrics in another language. Countries have different songs, styles, and rhythms that provide unique experiences and will allow the kids to have fun. Holiday music is fun and warm; this will encourage the kids to learn more and enjoy it.

Make a Piñata

This type of activity is common and important, especially for kids, during the holiday season because it’s a tradition that involves fun and candy. Building a piñata is a long process that requires many people’s help, making it the perfect activity for the classroom. This themed activity for Spanish class will teach the kids about traditions, games, and teamwork.

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