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5 Easy and Fun Spanish Valentine’s Day Activities

5 Easy and Fun Spanish Valentine’s Day Activities

Fun activities are the best way to teach kids something new while keeping their engagement active and constantly developing. Learning about the differences in traditions from various countries will expand their horizon and spark their interest in knowing why those differences exist.

These five easy and fun Spanish Valentine’s Day activities involve different traditions from Spanish-speaking countries, especially from Mexico. The close relationship between the country to the south and the US makes it easier and more relatable to understand certain activities and develop an emotional attachment.

Watch a Spanish Romantic Comedy

Watching a movie for kids in Spanish will activate a part of the brain that will work on letting the kids understand what the movie is about. Many of these movies talk about different traditions and problems that people in other countries face but in a comedic and fun way.

Valentine’s Day Loteria

You can create your own cards and boards as a classroom activity to incorporate Valentine’s Day-related words in Spanish. Most words are simple to learn, and by making them into a game, kids will learn them quickly and have something clear to relate them to. You can use words like corazon, chocolates, rojo, and flores as a base.

Valentine’s Day Card

Writing a Valentine’s Day card is a tradition in many countries because it’s a way to express love and gratitude to loved ones. Preschool Spanish lessons must include reading and writing because it’s the perfect age to develop those skills efficiently. You can have students all write the same message with the option of personalizing it with drawings, colors, and stickers.

Lyrics of a Song

There are many songs about love and heartbreak, but you can choose one in Spanish and have your kids write down the lyrics with your help. Various artists target kids as their main audience, especially artists from Mexico like Tatiana or Patylu. This fun Spanish Valentine’s Day activity will keep the kids active, happy, and engaged.

Handcrafted Flowers

Most Spanish-speaking countries rely heavily on handicrafts as a source of income, which you can turn into a fun activity with the right elements. Kids love getting their hands dirty and putting them into action, especially with glue and glitter. Some types of flowers only grow in certain regions of the world; you can recreate flowers that typically grow in Spanish-speaking countries and have children bring them to their families as gifts.

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