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3 Things to Look For In a Quality Preschool

Choosing a preschool can seem impossible for the first-time parent. After all, you want to ascertain that your child is in a safe environment with helpful teachers, an immersive program, and plenty of room for growth.

If you’re one of the many parents searching for a great program, look for these qualities which set a preschool apart from the rest.

Staff with plenty of experience

You want to ensure that your child is in a safe learning environment. This means that you should only accept a school whose professional staff has plenty of hands-on experience working with children. After all, kids have a variety of needs that need to be met throughout the day; without the correct qualifications and experience, your child might not flourish.

A great preschool philosophy

Nowadays, parents won’t settle for anything but the best. One of the leading forces behind a school’s quality is its commitment to a personal philosophy. Without this guiding force, a school might lose sight of what’s truly important: the kids.

Look for preschools with an emphasis on discovery and curiosity. This open attitude will help develop similar characteristics in your child, even at such a young age.

Dual language immersion programs

Did you know that a child’s capacity to make and form unfamiliar, foreign sounds is highly enhanced before the age of six? The earlier you introduce your child to a preschool Spanish curriculum, the easier it will be for your child to absorb these grammar rules and speak a second language.

There are countless benefits to engaging in a Spanish curriculum at a young age. Not only is it the second-most popular language in the United States, but it can give them a competitive edge in the future job market. Learning a language has also been proven to help your child’s ability to problem solve, think critically, enhance listening skills, boost concentration, and more. Whether you’re reading them a Spanish storybook set or investing in Spanish language immersion programs, your child can greatly benefit from learning a second language.

When you pick a preschool for your child, ensure your child’s teachers have invested in the quality products offered by Sonrisas Spanish School. Not only does Sonrisas help teachers and parents stay up to date on teaching tips, but we also offer the best in customer service. Whether you’re choosing a preschool with a great Spanish curriculum or you’re establishing homeschool Spanish lessons for kids, Sonrisas Spanish School is here to help.

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