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3 Reasons a Second Language Should Be Taught as Early as Possible

preschool spanishThe Summer Institute of Linguistics revealed that over two-thirds of children around the world are bilingual. In contrast, only 17% of Americans in total speak a language other than English. And while learning a second language is great for everyone, but there may be an ideal time to learn it. Here are three reasons why preschool Spanish curriculum lessons are the best tools for learning a second language.

Children Absorb Information Easily

According to oncology nurse, Suzanne Robin, children are much like sponges in the way they take in information. The human brain is designed to absorb mass amounts information in the very early years of life. So while adults have to very consciously try to learn new things, children simply have the capacity to pick up new skills quickly.

Language is Less Complex to Children

Robin tells us that when children learn a language, they simply learn to understand meaning. Adults must understand meaning as well as context and grammar, which makes learning a language that much more difficult.

Children Are Fearless

Unlike adults, young children are unafraid of embarrassing themselves. Robin states, “they aren’t afraid to … learn from their mistakes.” Much like learning to ride a bike, children aren’t afraid to get back up again when they fall down. It makes for both an effective and positive learning experience.

Although English is a commonly spoken language in the U.S., there are dozens of other languages spoken around the world. In fact, Spanish is the second most common language in the world. And there are several known benefits to speaking two languages, such as academic improvement, career advancement, and gaining fasting learning skills.

Preschool Spanish is the best way to teach children a new language. If we want our nation to become as bilingual as the rest of the world, it all starts with the children.

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