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3 Mexican Culture Projects To Incorporate in Your Classroom

3 Mexican Culture Projects To Incorporate in Your Classroom

Classrooms encourage learning with activities, visual aids, and hands-on projects that spark interest, motivation, and understanding. Learning a different language means kids must also learn about a different culture.

These three Mexican culture projects to incorporate in your classroom will help you successfully deliver a message that will expand your teaching method. Helping kids understand the differences in cultures and language development can open new doors to various opportunities and general knowledge.

Build a Piñata

Hands-on projects where kids can learn and have fun are the best way to engage and keep their attention. Building a Piñata is a fun and interactive way to understand the culture and traditions of Mexican heritage in a unique way.

The materials you will need to build a piñata include:

  • Glue
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • Decorations
  • A big balloon

This tradition was brought to Mexico by the Spanish conquerors, but the Mayas also had their version where they hit a clay bowl for fun to receive a reward, usually food.

Day Of the Dead Ofrenda

This tradition is one of the most popular in Mexico because it’s one of the few countries in the world that celebrate death and treat it as natural and mystical. Building an ofrenda means paying tribute to people who have passed but still have a special place in your life.

Ofrendas are only allowed on Halloween and the Day of the Dead because those days reveal the mystical path between the living and the dead and offer many elements to play with. Teaching kids a K8 Spanish curriculum that involves writing, reading, speaking, and learning about traditions and culture will encourage curiosity and empathy, broadening friendship circles.

Cut Paper Crafts

Cut paper reflects different elements of Mexican culture and celebrates different historical events and figures. Cutting paper requires certain safety guidelines because kids must handle scissors, so this activity may be ideal for older kids.

Cutting paper and creating unique shapes is a fun and entertaining way to understand more characteristics of a culture. Incorporating this Mexican project in your classroom will enhance your teaching methods and grow awareness, and the bright colors will successfully maintain the kids’ attention.

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