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3 Children’s Stories To Share With Your Elementary Spanish Class

3 Children’s Stories To Share With Your Elementary Spanish Class

Children enjoy learning with clear examples and activities that make them feel involved and spark interest in the topic. As a teacher, you should teach your students new material in a fun and interactive way.

These children’s stories to share with your elementary Spanish class will help them draw connections between stories they know and tales from another culture. The best way to create a good relationship with another language is by learning to appreciate and praise cultural differences.

Los Tres Cochinitos

This story is the tale of The Three Little Pigs but with some subtle differences from another culture. Los Tres Cochinitos is the story of three pigs that must build their own homes to protect themselves from a dangerous wolf willing to do anything to eat them.

The story centers around relying on your natural talents and family to protect yourself from external situations. Family is very important in most Spanish-speaking countries, and having a story develop around that concept shows kids the importance of that reality.


Stories that have been translated into multiple languages are easier to relate to, especially when kids already know the basic story. Pinocho is the story of a toy that wants to transform into a real boy to satisfy his creator’s needs for companionship and love.

The story’s main message is that you don’t have to change who you are to get approval and meet the expectations of others. It also talks about how lying could get you in trouble and how important it is to keep bad influences from getting to you. A middle school Spanish curriculum must include examples to make students think and reflect on those lessons.

La Tortuga y La Liebre

This story is about a turtle and a bunny that must compete in a race for a grand prize, but the differences between them are noticeable and seem unfair. This tale centers around doing hard and honest work to achieve your goals in the best way possible without losing sight of the rewards. The bunny, thinking it will win because of its speed and talent, falls asleep mid-race and loses track of time, while the turtle wins with perseverance and consistency. This story for your elementary Spanish class will give children a clear picture of how consistency is the key to success.

Kids have a unique way of thinking, and teachers can use materials that work with that way of thinking. Doing so will help students achieve more and develop their skills.

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